''Do you need to touch a thing to transfer your emotions or not?'' I touch music,calligraphy and air…can you catch the sun rays? I can…

Single boobed and awesome

Sarkasmos .



In loving memory : Leonard Cohen

I miss Leonard Cohen ,a thousand kisses deep has a chain of memories .



The chances of finding a man who summons you up in such words..


All and nothingness 

It is said that mourning,by its gradual labour,slowly erases pain; I could not, I cannot believe this; because for me, time eliminates the emotion of loss,that is all. For the rest, everything has remained motionless. For what I have lost is not a Figure,but a being; and not a being,but a quality (a soul): not the indispensable, but the irreplaceable.

Roland Barthes

In loving memory 22/09/16

Inviolable Solitude 


Sarkasmos ⚓️ed 

Lesson #19

Note to self : if you’re creating art , you might as well share it !

I’m offering all my works on this blog for sale .mainly to finance my next trip . #GofundmeGlobal! 

#Sarkasmos sewing her own wings and stitching her own feathers .



For those who lost their wings and swallowed ink for pleasure .

When your dad understands your ink addiction and gives you the best gift ever ! 

Sarkasmos inkasmos

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