''Do you need to touch a thing to transfer your emotions or not?'' I touch music,calligraphy and air…can you catch the sun rays? I can…

Solivaganza …

She’s just a serpentine flame who made love to the slender pole,ascending her fate and shedding her old skin,sweating the memories and spinning endlessly,chaotically… With a solivagant spirit the loud music dies,and so does the flame;descending from her heaven in a heroic downfall of a burning Phoenix …
Sarkasmos !


“I’m dripping melanin and honey….I’m black without apology …”


Lesson #11

Note to self : maybe we are all masochists at heart.isn’t that why we endure so much pain and accept it as a very normal emotional experience?because we are so afraid of being happy?or because we think pain is the path to happiness?absolute nonsense  .You think you are rewarded for causing yourself so much suffering and pain? ? Oh well…think again .

I strongly believe in writing therapy,it’s healing yourself by writing to yourself and for yourself.the sum of emotional chaos tangled up  in your mind and your heart eventually find a release…..Go on,set your self free ,for fuck sake.

Lesson #10

Note to self : being “little sister” is only a privilege if you have a big brother.On this day in 1980 my wonderful brother was born.Thank you for  loving me unconditionally ,Enad.
Sarkasmos is super grateful !

Lesson #9

Note to self : Whatever the God of my story is doing,he’s doing it wrong !! Less pressure on me ! I thought I was the protagonist ! Just don’t give me a happy ending,now that’s not my thing,like seriously not meant for me.
Sarkasmos missing literature .

Lesson #8

Note to self : it’s alright if you hate what you don’t understand sometimes,humans do that. Ask me about #Maths #Men #Minions


Lesson #7

Note to self : Am not the most patient nor the most compassionate ,and my heart has a place for none..


Lesson #6

….و أحياناً، إرضاء نفسي غاية لا تدرك 

self -satisfaction is unattainable sometimes,or rather….out of reach most of the time

ساركازموس يعاني عسر التعلم

!A very dyslexic Sarkasmos 

Lesson #5

Note to self: You know what’s worse than a heartache?a toothache .

Sarkasmos hates the dentist .

Lesson #4

Note to self : You were my favorite distraction ,my sanctuary,and the most difficult lesson I ever had to learn .
Sarkasmos heartbroken !

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