By : Al-anoud

25/09/2009 12:47 am..

i’ve had this question on my mind for awhile : how do you know that somethings are meant to last forever?how?if life it self is destined to an end!(save the crap of the isthmus hereafter and incarnation)..what goes in your mind when you tell your soul mate i love you forever,when you suddenly realize that you guys are not meant to be?when forever seems to be (the odd word). from where do you get the strength and courage to make a promise you cannot keep?

i know i know…it happens to everyone,but really when was the last time you regretted saying or doing something that was meant to last (forever)?

you see..I’m what you might wanna call ”good girl with lots of bad habits” i made many promises i couldn’t keep,lied when i could have just told the truth,and surrendered when i could have easily won..i don’t know if it was out of stupidity or lack of wisdom or blame it on the circumstances lol but i must’ve had a reason and a point of view that you should know before you sharpen your axe and drag my head to the guillotine .

as the time goes by,some aspects of life lose their priority,and suddenly become a minor thing ..your own perspective of life changes(and i assume you know that)! you can’t say that what used to matter to you 10 years ago still matter til this moment…and remember,I’m saying some aspects(not intending your love for your parents or your pet )..

so now you are beginning to think of what gives your life a value…things that include commitment,devotion,loyalty,determination…you will realize that almost everything significant in your life includes that…but why is it that hard when it comes to a promise?

as i see it..when you name something a promise it adds pressure on you,and trust me way or another you are going to find a way to break it…

but why would you if it matters so much to you that you would call it a promise!

do you think I’m talking nonsense!

there is a good explanation for breaking a promise,you either no longer believe in it,because it no longer matters,or you are too weak to keep it(and that’s what most of us tend to believe),because it deplores you mentally,spiritually,and physically..i never knew it was that freaking hard until I’ve experienced it,and eventually found a way to break it…

we all agree that marriage is one of promise’s multi faces,wedding vows and promise rings that represent the unification of two lives in the eye of god..but how many two lives have fallen apart ?promise to cherish and respect..promise to be faithful may god forbid..til death( tear ) you apart..or til one of you search for himself in someone else?….

it’s the ugly truth of the human nature,greedy,unfaithful homosapiens.whatever you wanna call it..just remember ..don’t call your self an angel because you are not made of light and your wings are broken,and don’t call your self a devil because you are not the king of inferno and your pitchfork is are mud..soil,salt and water…the cheapest in the whole universe..

sometimes pain can be a wake up call,that opens your eyes and lead you to the right path…it’s when your brain aches not your heart that you surrender to the puzzle of words..and struggle to find a difficult word that starts with….a promise…