By : Al-anoud

28/3/10 domenica

It’s amazing how strong and persistent one can be,especially when your life is an epic-like movie.we may all hit the wall,but not with the same exasperation,or pain right?

speaking of could be one of the greatest things in life- having a wall,you can lean on it when you’re tired o just to feel safe & protected,hit it when you’re mad,write your thoughts on it when you’re inspired,or a certain date with a *%@$ sign,and sometimes just letting your cheeks feel its coolness when the sun’s heat is hitting your head 🙂

And it doesn’t stop there! U can whisper your dirtiest secrets to that wall,or scream them out-loud and it’d still listen to u! I mean my wall knows the last time i hid my usual coffee cup under the bed because i was too lazy to put it in the kitchen sink.and the last time i hit it(my wall) with a pillow to kill a disturbing mosquito,and the list goes on!

Whats great about having a wall is that u tell and it listens,a wall does not interrupt you o gives you a grandma advice o anything,a7san eshi enno el 7e6 7yadi,y3ni la m3k wala m3 3doweenak 🙂

But hey..walls are not all the same,they can be brick,cement,red,white ..and sometimes..flesh and blood..

I believe i have a handful,some with Metallica’s lyrics on it,others with my framed angels and my B.A degree,while some with my whispers carved on it..and oh the wall of fame..where the mosquito assassination took place 🙂

I should eventually pay a tribute to my walls,thanks for being there for me !

So the question that lies within u have a wall/walls in your life?I’d like to know what are they made of,and how often do they stand behind a wall 🙂