By : Al-anoud


She was waiting for midnight to make sure the day was over…she didn’t think much of doing something to distract her,instead she wrapped her self in a blanket and listened to the rain falling quietly..

millions of thoughts crossed her mind : was she really intoxicated?was she missing somebody?was she hiding a dirty lil secret?was she happy?angry?mad?tired? vita ti fa soffrire..she thought.. :” I’d love to wake up tomorrow knowing that my endless winter is over,and that the rays of the sun may reach me again…I want to hold the sun..I want to carry it in my tainted womb and cry my pain out loud..” she wiped her tears away and took a deep breath.. was cold – the air she inhaled- :

I am a phoenix..i always rise from my own ashes..

I am eve..i brought the original sin with me the day adam knew he is half a brain..half human..half soul..

I am me..the miracle of God ..some kinda creature stuck between angels and mud..

I am me…the creation of creation within heaven and hell..

I am the curse that stole beauty from ugliness..

I am the lust that brought men down to their knees..

I am one of eternity’s unknown secrets..

I am…one face of many of ……

I needed one more sentence to complete my puzzle..the puzzle of me,but if it’s found…i’d no longer have one…