By : Al-anoud Sarhan


I wasn’t really planning to hook up that night. I only felt like having a double martini and a smoke while watching the girls do the men hunting. I know we have different tastes in men, but hell i found out that some of us are simply tasteless, not a bad taste but really tasteless, while others accidently hit and conquer, shore themselves up with a cool attitude and make the most of Amman’s night life (bel 6ool w bel 3ard) So…let the fun begin!

First guy who joined the table wasn’t so bad, except for bragging about seyaret al sh3b his customized Mustang and his unappreciated talent in electric guitars. And no..Amman doesn’t suit him at all! You know i thought I’d rather have him spend the night at Al-jwaideh, he’ll probably figure out what suits him more! No woman would give a damn about your pimp my ride promotion, next!

Second guy was so in touch with his feminine not sure if he noticed but working out 3 hours daily at flex and showing off the bi and tri with his ugly pink polo shirt was beyond my comprehension. I couldn’t help but notice the eye brows, almost tattooed and perfectly tweezed. maybe he was a fan of (a queer eye for the straight guy) lol.anyway the guy starts a nice convo and brings about the end of our interest in him when his Rihanna’s ‘’what’s my name’’ ringtone hits our that point i had to order another round!

One of my friends was desperately looking for a one night stand; she hadn’t slept with anyone since her husband filed for divorce 3 months ago. I left her wandering like a dragonfly and went to the toilette. I came back to our table to find a guy talking to her. I said hello and he turned to see me standing right next to him. Dark/olive skinned guys were never my cup of coffee. But when that guy looked at me he knocked me out. Not that he was the hottest guy, but i heard my senses longing for him! Libido lost control! It was this irresistible desire to lay my hands on his shoulders. I wanted to ma..

-Are you joining us? My friend interrupted!

-Oh no, I said (the way she looked at me i knew she wanted me to leave)

i gotta go anyway, I told her, will try to find a cab, goodnight girls, and nice to meet you ….

-‘’Zaid ‘’..he said…

I smiled, found my way through the crowd to the main entrance. I stopped for a sec,i really wanted to go back but ..I’d make my friend question my move. What the heck, plenty of fish in the sea! Orr. Not…

30 min later I finally found a cab, but a stupid car ran before it and parked right in front of me!


I heard somebody says: ‘’need a ride?’’

I couldn’t believe my eyes!

-Oh thanks Zaid, I’ll manage.

-Oh get in, you won’t find a cab at such a late hour.

So..i had no choice!(mesh eno bedi) i joined him and we took off.

He bought me coffee, apparently he noticed how desperate my friend was and made an excuse to leave the table.

-So…are you hooked up? He asked.

-No, am not. You?

-Would it matter?

-haha…I smell a lie in the air.

-Oh ok I will make a confession, as a matter of fact i am engaged, just need to fix a date for the wedding.

I took it as a joke, but then i saw the silver ring around his finger when he brought the coffee to his lips.

We spoke of different matters, while contemplating the city of lights falling asleep. He looked at me while his hand reaching out for my face, I despised the warmth of his palm against my skin, it only made libido the hero of the night …there was a certain amount of gravity lying between us. Eventually I had to let his hand fall from my face, seeing that I tried to pull myself away from him…

-and there’s always this awkward moment of silence…

The play ended at my door way, I thanked him for the ride, and wished him a goodnight.

Somewhere somehow I believe there’s hope and possibility of a real relationship, two people who believe that they can pull it off without the slightest doubt of one cheating on the that point I felt that I was sinking between his fiancée and my friend. Suddenly I recognized the fine line between my reason and my passion. Deep inside I knew, it’s me being selfish and stupid, whatever I was trying to prove to myself ,I was with the wrong guy, wrong place, and wrong timing.

I discovered a new dimension in my persona, i wasn’t exactly proud of myself for messing around, If we could only defy those stupid laws of attraction and break the ‘’like attracts like ‘’cycle that everybody is using to justify the endless night stands and betrayals(skipping the filthy details). I disagree with those who claim that a relationship with all its complications can be summoned up in a book or worst. In a law!

I am no relationship expert, but whoever said: Men are like parking lots, The good ones are always taken. The rest are too small was right, though I was only looking for a cab….