This is a ”riassunto” of some kickbacks i received after causing a catastrophe (3ala ma yabdo) at Murphy’s pub with my friends.That was fun!!!! I was forced to have my least fave beer: Corona.. thanks X !

X: have you seen any of the local bands performing at murphy’s?

Me: No,though a friend of mine played here a couple of times along with his band Gazdara.

X : we have some kick ass bands you know,and they are growing popular in Amman.wait til they play Pinkfloyd!!

Me : Pink floyd?sho y3ni they sing covers?

X: yeah,Metallica,PJ,Queen, and so on.Here they are !

The guys took the stage and started jamming on their guitars.i didn’t mind the music,but i DID mind the lead singer’s adenoidal,monotonous,toneless,battee5 whatever voice that made me cry.Sho had??!!! l2 w elo fans,w they whistle and shrill and cheer up every time he sings a song!

Me: WTF,he sucks! and please will these bands get real and quit singing covers!

X: lower your voice! they are good eh!

Me: Sho good!Singing Pinkfloyd too?Ana men allah ma ba6ee2hom!

X: OMG ! how can you not like pink floyd!! their music is so engaging! they helped me alot in combatting my hardships,David Gilmour is a God! sho 3arrafek enti!

Me: You know what?fine! i do support local bands but only the good ones! you get invites on FB to join pages and groups of countless bands who add nothing to the music industry nor respect the listener’s ear! i can’t call them musicians,and i won’t.i don’t care how famous and popular they seem to be,they either do it right or they don’t do it at all! and yeah…Freddy Mercury died a million times tonight!

X: They are trying to get a spot and be seen,and they don’t only play here so get over it woman! he pinches my cheek.

Me:Get a spot?! ma heyya crowded already!and this guy singing on stage is pissing me off lol just because they nailed Guitar hero doesn’t make them successful bands,hay sarat sh’3let elli ma elo sh’3leh bi hal balad!

Another friend joins.

R: Hey fellas! how is it going?btw the guys are my friends,if you want a specific song they can play it immediatly.

Me: Oh cool,Comfortably Dumb by Pink Freud balla

X: Do not make fun of my beloved PF!

Me: why are you defending them k2nhom men ba2i 3eltak?look at him shrilling like an angry bird!

We laughed big time,then the guy decided to sing for pearl jam.I adore this band! and to hear indifference by such sabotagers would be suicidal! meshan allah laaaaaa2!

X lights a cigarette.i steal a smoke and  check the Beer’s label to forget about the ear pollution .there is a crown and two griffins on it,nice stuff.

Finally they called it a night and stepped off the stage,i was relieved ! Please don’t perform again!

We had another beer and then we went home.i marked that day on my calender so i don’t hit Murphy’s on Tuesdays.

*Riassunto : Summary aw mula55as in Italian.