jus·tice > \ˈjəs-təs\

I was really bored last night,and nothing got me inspired to write something for my blog.For some reason I’ve always been fascinated by Greek Mythology and its equivalent in Roman Mythology.This is a sketch i made of our modern(roman)  Justitia or Lady Justice who can hardly foresee the future while blindfolded.Her attempts to keep the balance of the scales are derisory.It makes me wonder why she is placed in courthouses instead of Themis,aka as the Mother of Divine law (who carries the scales of justice) in Greek mythology.Being the oracular of Delphi and blessed with sharp vision and prophecy she steps over the unbalanced scales to prognosticate the unknown.For us to favor Justitia over Themis means one thing : We don not seek justice,we claim to do so…doubting my words?Take a look at the world around ya…

I did it with a sharp piece of charcoal,and then photoshop.Not so great,but it delivers the message loud and clear!