From the land of Arcadia he carried his golden pédila * and the great caduceus in his timeworn pouch.On this woebegone day the great magician shall exculpate himself from the burdens of Olympus.”O son, how many bodies we have to pass through, how many bands of demons, through how many series of repetitions and cycles of the stars, before we hasten to the One alone? ” .*

Zeus,Maia.and Atlas…Bless the sanguine that rushes through my veins, intoxicated by Aphrodite.Hermaphroditus the apple of my eye and Pan my forsaken child.Oh how i erred and spread my seeds among the nymphs and the spawns of my divine loins! I shall repent at the gate of the everlasting darkness where i guided countless souls to the shores of hope!

The Erinyes heard the awes of Hermes.Alecto was furious,and convinced Tisiphone and Megaera to punish Hermes by stealing his pouch once he looses his wakefulness.Each one of them stealthily stripped the old magician of his precious items,and escaped in to the wilderness.

Hermes carelessly yawned,stretched his weary arms and opened his eyes to see a prophecy before his eyes.” But..i am the messenger of the Gods! ” he looked for his pouch and pédila but they vanished in a blink!

He then heard the voice of the Smart Erinyes calling his name : ”Hermes ,Oh messenger of the Gods,your time has come.Say goodbye to your golden pédila ! Your punishment is to serve humanity forever more as your Precious sandals become a french masterpiece in memory of Mrs.Hermes,the long forgotten beauty yet to be seen when you are merely a statue to be admired,Women…νενικήκαμεν.*! .”



*pédila :Sandals

*The way of Hermes .P.33 – Corpus Hermeticum

*νενικήκαμεν. : famous greek saying which means : “We have won.”.