Even Atlas can take it no more……

So you have probably read or heard of Atlas the titan,the loner who was condemned by Zeus to carry the heavens on his shoulders as a punishment for supporting the titan-monarchy against the Olympians .Despite the various interpretations of Atlas’s origin and punishment;i would stick to Uranus and Gaia though the most common is Lapetus and Clymene.Anyway,it is heavens and earth…and Atlas stuck inbetween…

This illustration is only to capture Atlas’s point of view…WTF ! i thought i was carrying the heavens! not some Terra full of Bullsh** ! well guess what mortals,i am gonna carry your wars,hypocrisy,injustice,and all your fu**ery on the tip of my middle finger.As my father was deprived from my mother’s holy embrace so shall your  peace,freedom,faith,and your filthy greedy souls…your land is wounded…wrapped in a bloody ribbon and unsolved riddles…Seek and destroy little puppets..

I basically gathered some of the rare good values of our time written in blue to represent the sky of Uranus,and the lower part is obviously Gaia..the ribbon stands between good and evil,while carrying some of the main symbols of our history.and the hand…you guessed it right,Atlas!