Jam3a jam3a da5eleyyeh shamal ! ” say hello to our daily lullaby!

These are the first words you apprehend in the midst of morning chaos….Saba7 el basat,saba7 el controleyyeh,saba7 fairuz bet’3anneeli 5abberni 3n a5baro sho a5baro enshalla ma bo shi ! btes2aleeni ana sho a5baro?walla zaman 3anno ya fairuz!

I woke up at 7:00 AM ,dragged myself slowly out of bed,once my feet touched the cold floor i realized that my socks were somewhere lost under my duvet..Oh here they are .Damn it’s Saturday,7ad bedawem yom sabt?

I hate crest extra whitening,it doesn’t make your teeth shiny nor pearly,it gives you extra bitterness,mesh msadde2?bardo beseer.

I went to the kitchen,made coffee,checked my emails and Facebook .if you wonder why am online all the time it’s not because am a Facebook addict,(well maybe a second degree addict),but my smart-ass phone and my ipad are always connected to social networks,including Twitter and LinkedIn,you know…Luzoom el7ayah el 3asreyyeh!

I felt like wearing grey and turquoise today,wrapped a scarf around my neck and carried my bag.let’s check if i have everything (that includes my wallet,makeup kit,perfume,USB,two cellphones,notebook,and chocolate)..

I love listening to Julia Boutros in the morning,she expresses how i feel towards my male reflection when she sings:

Ta3ref sho el 7elo feek,

Enni kel ma bla2eek

Te7la ktir b 3enayye

w sade2 meyye bel meyye and so on..

….The warm sun rays tickling my face and yet no signs of a scarlet Saturday .That’s how my day officially starts; as i wait for the bus i tr ..” Jam3a jam3a Da5eleyyeh ,shamal ” Now that interrupts the happy sunny Julious morning,Ya Allah

I take the bus,watching life and people passing me by; an old man driving a car that has a sponge bob sticker,veiled girl in leggings,sulking man with a Jordanian kashra marked on his forehead,saba7 el-nakad ya m3allem!

”5odlak hath borkoth ,7aseb 7alo ghazal shared” a comment made by the bus driver on a foreign man that was jogging and wearing  a yellow T-Shirt.”w labes asfar ba3ad ! (and he’s wearing yellow too!)” .Yellow may not look good on you my dear driver,but sure looks good on him …

I finally reached the office,10 min late ;beh…it’s Saturday.We work six days a week we find it odd to stay home on a Friday.” sho ma 3anna shoghol el yom?ah it’s Friday,3ad walla kont mjahhzeh 7ali adawem!” .But despite everything i love my job: non-stop action,sometimes more.The AC remote control is not working,my second cup of coffee is here.I take a deep breath to get my lungs ready for whatever Amman is planning to ground me with today.here we go…

Saturdays turn me into one feather-brained Sarkasmos.My brain cells come up with all sorts of ramblings,non-avian ramblings!

Counting hours,was it 60 minutes per hour?why is it 120?or at least it’s how i feel.

I made use of the free time i had to continue my tattoo design,what i had in mind was an Arabic calligraphy customized  gun garter,Rihani style(my favorite Arabic font ,not referring to Rihanna) .I’ve always been fascinated by tattoo and body art. ink blooded woman has finally decided to get inked.

He said it’s my typical persona expression,difficult to decipher and exotically beautiful..

When i think of this particular description i forget about bus drivers,Saturday shifts,dowwar edda5eleyyeh and any other day interruptions .If love is how others make you feel,then am definitely one lucky woman.

I don’t know if that concludes my Saturday,but at least it ends with you on my mind….

No more buses,am taking a cab!