His hands smelt of  jasmine liquid soap as they tightened the cherry-red striped  tie around my neck.i contemplated the beautiful clean cut nails.My silent lips reach out and kiss his fingertips.

”You do look good in my necktie ” wearing a smirky smile .

”Oh it sure suits me better don’t you think?”

”It’s crooked,uh there you go my lady ”

”Coffee?” i suggest

”Yes please,i can’t believe it’s my last morning coffee with you..”’

I stare at the coffee maker,i wonder what’s boiling more,me or the coffee.I hand him his cup.

”I will miss you,Christian Grey”

”I am going to miss your cheesy lines Sarkasmos ” he winks at me .

Gees,we’ve been discussing Fifty shades of grey.I keep telling him how the novel is a waste of time and poorly written as if the author ran out of words .Instead he would convince me to invest in the basement and turn it into a Grey’s playroom ! we simply became more like the schizophrenic characters in the novel …

It’s a lovely morning,and the view before me with the cup of coffee is the only thing i want to remember after he leaves,and yes…i will keep the necktie…

”keep the necktie” he says as he picks up his cellphone and keys.

”I was just thinking about that” i snap ! He takes me into his arms.

”We aim to please ,Sarkasmos .Let’s pick a more interesting book to read when you return.I will drive you to the airport on time i promise”

”Apparently you will miss the cheesy lines of Fifty shades not mine” I add sarcastically .

He turns to me and smiles with a see you soon look..

”Take care of my cravatta” …


*This sketch is a reminder of your cravatta safely wrapped around my neck,it compensates for the warmth of your embrace when we’re miles apart..


Sarkasmos …