This time it was not a ceiling I was staring at,but him.Beck is playing : Heart is a drum ; I say here comes my favourite part ! Beat beat beat beat ,Beck Beck Beck Beck …My heart is a drum,not keeping time with everyone…but syncing with his heartbeats while sinking into me with his piercing eyes.

As if I had the world at my fingertips when he caressed my cheek with the tip of his nose and the warm breath that could drive any woman,any living creature crazy .Beat beat beat be…

It wasn’t much the anticipation as his lips quivered to touch mine and seal the evening with a kiss;but wishing for it to be as meaningful as I wanted it to be.

Why why why why …Oh why Beck

I was wrong ofcourse.

In memory of a memory that once made the world stood still for a few seconds before his phone rang.

Switch! Time for me to go back home,time for him to go back to her…

It’s a night phase..Beck

Beck – Heart is a drum

Sarkasmos !