''Do you need to touch a thing to transfer your emotions or not?'' I touch music,calligraphy and air…can you catch the sun rays? I can…

Lesson #16

Note to self : You really need to spend more time in the desert,your inner compass is slightly fuckedup and needs some readjustment .
Sarkasmos losing her mind over her thesis.

Lesson #15 

Note to self : if it be your will,it shall come to pass.Your will is for me to forget,or did I get you wrong,Lord?
Sarkasmos Confused 


She’s XO headed,playing games in her head.

Sarkasmos always wins.

je m’en fiche!

Darling …je m’en fiche ..I got wings! 

Sarkasmos dreaming of Pegasus.


Red and Black light – Ibrahim Maalouf

Just keep me where the light is..

Sarkasmos ,the happy nyctophile .

نبيذ العرب

نحن قوم إذا ضاقت صدورنا تقهوينا 
ساركازموس تستمع لقارئة الفنجان


I still find it kind of ridiculous to celebrate the end of a year.

The woman with the burgundy revenge

Sarkasmos enjoys a glass of wine .alone.

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