''Do you need to touch a thing to transfer your emotions or not?'' I touch music,calligraphy and air…can you catch the sun rays? I can…

Lesson #17 

Note to self : the “what’s next?” Step is much more difficult than I thought.

#Resilienza ! 


وَ تَنَسَّكَت رغمَ أَنفِ القبيلة

Sarkasmos doing things her way.

Delta of Venus

Sarkasmos looking for trouble.


و يحدث أن تكتب كلمة من حرفين على كمبيوتر لوحي من نسل التفاحة ، خالٍ من المشاعر

ساركازموس تحتفي بصمتها و سكينتها


Let yourself bloom.

You were meant to bloom.

Lesson #17

Note to self : she who expects nothing shall never be disappointed .
Sarkasmos obsessed with calligraphy 

Lesson #16

Note to self : You really need to spend more time in the desert,your inner compass is slightly fuckedup and needs some readjustment .
Sarkasmos losing her mind over her thesis.

Lesson #15 

Note to self : if it be your will,it shall come to pass.Your will is for me to forget,or did I get you wrong,Lord?
Sarkasmos Confused 


She’s XO headed,playing games in her head.

Sarkasmos always wins.

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